Oh…shit! Leadville is this weekend.

Who’s going!?


This sweet 80’s inspired neon “Bobcats in Leadville” T-Shirt is for all of you out there who choose to support the underdog. Created by Scott Cody for his brother Gerry & Team Dream.

If you know anything about the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race, then you realize what it means to finish… much less finish with a sub 7 hour finishing time, it puts you in the rarefied air sucked in by the likes of Jermiah Bishop, Manny Prado and a couple of other EPO shooting roadies who’s names start with L—- and If you know anything about Gerry Cody then you know he isn’t the type to ring his own bell. Gerry doesn’t bullshit, he doesn’t make excuses, he just rides…fast!

Tomorrow at 6am when the shotgun blasts in the center of that sleepy little mining town Team Dream co-founder Gerry Cody will be embarking on his 5th consecutive Leadville 100. The last 4 years Gerry has mixed it up with some of mountain biking’s best & come home with top ten finishes 3 years in a row. Gerry has also finished with multiple sub 7 hour finishes. Not bad for a guy who works full time & drives to races not in a giant factory big rig, but instead a shiny big red ambulance with one of his old bmx trophies as a hood ornament & makeshift sleeping quarters in the back. The dude is living the dream!



Bike messengere always get the glory here!

The Felvarrom trophies turned out so good!





Bike messengers are the coal miners of the cycling world. They take a beating on a daily basis while braving considerable danger, and let’s be honest, the money isn’t great.

There is, however, one respite. For the past 20 years, the best bike messengers on the planet have gotten to show off their grit and determination at the Cycle Messenger World Championships. Think of it as the anti-Tour de France. No ridiculous spandex outfits covered with ads. No blood doping or annoying pointy helmets. Just 400 or more riders from around the globe showing off their bad-ass skills in hopes of being crowned the fastest, smartest messenger on the planet.

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