Been good…since the beginning!

That dudes outfit is KILLER…loving the black sock!



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I’m pretty sure I’ve posted these images before but I don’t care because they are so RAD!

Hellyer Velodrome Trophies that don’t suck!


Are you tired of being unable to remove your wheels with your old trophies? Do your medals and ribbons always leave you hanging? Then you need the all new MagicMedal! Take it with you anywhere. Great for the office, at home, the gym, your car. The MagicMedal even works as a cuticle pusher. Perfect any time; on picnics, the salon, even a night out. A $39 value. Free with any podium of any event. No purchase necessary to win. Enter as many times as you like. Must be 10 years or older to enter.

More @ turnleft250

Now this is a prize I’d be stoked to receive!

Sparkle Motion!


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Merckx Monday!

Anybody know of a subtitled version of this…

N/B at the Golden Saddle Grand Prix!


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