GSC Kit Redux!





Images by Jesse Carmody!

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In the year that has passed since the last GSC kit sale we have heard time and time again from people that either missed their chance or are looking to replace a well worn piece. Everyone at the shop agrees that it is an honor to see friends and strangers alike supporting what we do by sporting that kit on the road. While just three friends came together to open this bike shop it is with the help of an entire network of friends that we stay open. Seeing our first kit is a reminder of that support and, while we wanted to respond to the incredible interest in a re-release, we have decided to leave the original GSC kit design in the archive to keep that reminder intact.

With that being said, our kits are stained and torn and we needed a re-up! We are excited to announce that the GSC Kit Redux is now available for pre-sale! To the minimal, mostly black design that lends itself to interchangeable wear we added a white back to keep you cool. As always, we teamed up with Endo Customs to provide the finest quality pieces, produced locally in Los Angeles, Calif. Remember folks, these are race cut so check out the sizing chart before ordering. More specific features are listed on the individual product pages.

Pre-order men’s jersey…HERE!

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The pre-sale will run through August 31, 2013 with delivery 6-8 weeks later.