PEZ Episode 2!

Where are they now?

I saw this image of Connie Paraskevin and just had to post it!


Image from Chasing down…Connie Paraskevin!

Missed Merckx Monday but how about Tour Tuesday!

James Straffon’s 100e print series!

James Straffon100e

This year’s Tour de France is a very special one – the 100th edition of the toughest sporting event in the world. We couldn’t pass by the opportunity to celebrate this centenary, and I am delighted to announce that James Straffon has created a new collection of work to pay tribute to the 100th edition of the tour.

The exhibition, titled 100e, starts at the gallery on Friday 28 June, and runs until Saturday 27 July.

More info…HERE!

See all the prints…HERE!

Kings and Queens of the Coffee Stop!


Swoop…HERE and HERE!

I like it when people make fun of Strava!



was a damn fine year for Track Components!