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Lots and lots of living the Dream Team Bicycle Team!


Meet Thomas “Woody” Wood, proprietor of Golden Saddle Cyclery, cycling coach, former messenger, US Olympic mechanic, Master Track National Champion, new dad, and all around good dude. This tall tree took a spill mountain biking and now has a rather large accumulation of medical bills that need to be paid.

The red, white and blue bobcat t-shirt & purist water bottle are here to commemorate Woody’s National Masters Championship, his commitment to the US Olympic Cycling program, and to support him for being an all around good guy.

100% of the proceeds from both the red, white & blue bottle and t-shirt will go to assisting him with his medical bills. Look cool and be rad at the same time!

All Team Dream Products are produced in America. Printed by our friends at funartists.com on American Apparel 100% cotton tees.

Swoop the “Woody” Tee…HERE!

Swoop the “Woody” Bottle…HERE!

If you’re not so into helping people out or wearing colors, TDBT has a few other options…


Tees and bottles…HERE and HERE!


The pre-sale for the 2nd round of kits is also coming to an end soon and I don’t think you wanna miss that!


Who they are…

The Pedalers Fork!

Fast Boy visits J.P. Weigle!




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Angry Catfish Bicycle + Coffee Bar Branding.


Awesome shop, awesome branding, awesome coffee, and awesome dudes/dudettes! Thanks for being so RAD!