A Rapha/Christopher Raeburn collaboration seems like a perfect match, has it been on the cards for a while?

GR – The project came from a feature in O Magazine on Chris’s work, which also mentioned my role at Rapha. It was picked up by a lot of people, and prompted some discussions on the idea of working together. There’s always been feeling to explore local production sources at Rapha, and Chris has a lot of experience in this area, so it seemed a natural partnership

CR – Graeme has always been something of a pathfinder (I mean in our adult lives as well as his older brother role when we were younger) and it’s been fascinating watching Rapha grow so quickly over the last few years while he’s been working there; when the opportunity came up to work together following the article Graeme mentioned it was really a great opportunity to work together and push the aesthetics and design philosophy’s we’d both developed since leaving the Royal College of Art.

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