Rapha On the Go!


Fashion is largely about looking good, but a major part to that equation is staying in shape. There’s a problem with that though, nobody trying to get in shape should squeeze into spandex.

One of the best – in terms of joint health and caloric burn – forms of activity is also one of the greatest fashion culprits out there — cycling. Are you aware of these attires? They’re ridiculous. Though, there are some exceptions and they’re greatly based around one brand, Rapha.

Rapha’s late-20th century Italian feel was cool to begin with, but this year they’ve upped their game considerably. Their lead designer Graeme Raeburn tapped his brother to help with a new collaborative collection. This in-the-family approach is a recipe for disaster, unless your brother is Christopher Raeburn, whose ethical design slant inspired Vogue to write “”Remember the four R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Raeburn.”

Cycling world, prepared to look good…

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Between this stuff and the new Paul Smith Black jersey…I’m pretty psyched on Rapha at the moment!

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