…&Bicycle Store




Located in Chiba just east of Tokyo …&Bicycle is one of Japan’s rising number of unique cycle shops that cater to the refined tastes of the Japanese cyclist looking for something special…

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Memorial day is on the way!

Shit…I’d wear these right now.


The CA DNC and DVS Fantom!

Cadence has always slightly bent or broken the rules, so why not rock some white sneaks before Memorial Day?

If I was you…

I’d go looking for this road this weekend.


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Fuck Yeah Olive Drab SAS jersey!


Super psyched on these olive drab Search and State jerseys!

MOOTS Psychlo X with a hand painted Alpha Q Fork!


Is there anything more appealing to the eye than a well-crafted titanium frame? Moots have been assembling frames from American-made tubes of ti, all with those perfectly spaced beads of filler, since 1981. A Moots frame is a work of art in itself, but this Psychlo X has been embellished by Justin Bauer, an LA-based artist whose work makes the MOOTS look even faster standing still.

Justin’s good mate Steven Ocheltree owns this Moots, built up with a heady mix of Campagnolo 10-speed Record and Chorus, Tune, Thomson and ENVE. The Alpha-Q forks were handed to Justin for a bit of aftermarket artwork. Justin tells us about his process: “I work mainly on canvas. My work is often an exploration of motion and inertia centered around some stable concrete shapes.

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