God Save The Track Bike and…

acts of kindness, like this one!


Image from…HERE!

Got a package from Pearl Velo, Berkeley Supply, and Avery County Cycles the other day and it was full of awesome shit, but this Track End really takes the cake! Thanks so much Josh!

But what I really want to know is…

what the hell is this and how do I find out more about it?


All I know is that it’s Rapha and probably Paul Smith. There is also a possibility that it’s constructed from old military parachutes. If anybody knows anything about this jacket, fill me in!

Two products from Rapha…

that I’m extremely excited about!


The Pro Team Race Cape & the Rapha + Paul Smith Black Jersey!

Looks like the Vittoria Randonneur got a facelift!


The world’s most #fixiefamous tire!

Doug D – New York – Pictures!



I’ll probably spend most of my day scrolling down. Thanks for the heads up John!

Scroll down…HERE!