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I’ve seen bike racks used in art…

I’ve seen bike racks turned into art, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen bike racks used to secure art!


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Death Spray Customs and Standridge Speed!


Back when Dan Chabanov dominated RHC 12 in Brooklyn the mechanics at King Kog checked the frame upon arrival with a magnet as they were in disbelieve it was steel and not aluminum. While magnets will reappear in 2013, Dan Chabanov will not.

But Evan(winner of Milan ’12 will be on SRSxDSC HSP 1) and Josh(Columbus Local will be on SRSxDSC HSP 2) will race two identical HSP’s hand painted by Death Spray of London, England on Saturday in Brooklyn. We’ve partnered with Mavic, Seagull Bags and Endo Customs.

I wanted to thank everyone who has believed and supported Stanridge during these early years of the RHC.

Im wearing a Cyclehawk cap as Squid (Kevin) in Bedstuy put me in touch with Dan Chabanov. I owe him a big one. He started our crazy obsession with David Trimble’s race, which I consider to be the best, most difficult and most organized fixed crit series in the world.

Stanridge Speed

Merckx Monday: Because John’s Gone!


Tribute to Eddy Merckx – pen on paper His big achievements and victories of his epic career are hidden in the drawing. Merckx won 525 races, that’s why there are 525 trophies in the drawing.

Text and illustration by Stefaan De Crook!

You gotta see the details!