One Day in April!

“One Day in April” will chronicle four teams of cyclists as they train for and ride in the 2013 Mens and Womens Little 500 races at Indiana University. The film will tell the story behind the race – how the riders spend months and sometimes years preparing themselves mentally and physically for one race and one shot at glory.

Thomas Miller, a documentary and commercial filmmaker, recently spent six months as a videographer for the Obama 2012 campaign. He was later a cinematographer on the 2013 Inauguration video team, and in 2012, alongside creative partner Ryan Black, his short film, “All We’ve Built,” was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. They will continue their partnership with “One Day in April”. Peter Stevenson, a Washington, DC-based photojournalist, has covered politics and domestic news for media outlets such as The New York Times as a freelancer since 2010 and joins Tom and Ryan for the first time. All three attended Indiana University and have fond memories of their own Little 500 weeks. 

The filmmakers need your help. Filming the four teams started this winter, but everything is leading up to raceday in April. Making this film the right way, especially covering a large-scale sports event, will require an expanded crew, camera and equipment rentals, travel costs, and a lengthy editing and post-production process.

Funding this film means a chance to see this story in a way it’s never been told before, from the perspective of the riders. It’s a chance to see some of the greatest competitors in college sports – who never get the recognition afforded NCAA athletes – give their everything for one day in April.