Today marks the end…

of the first half of the Tracko Stars and Stripes Pre-Sale.  At midnight tonight I will be calculating what has sold thus far and get that info over to Endo Customs so we can get you guys your stuff.  HOLLA!


Pre-swoop These Colors Ride…HERE!

Pre-swoop The New Wave…HERE!

Pre-swoop Rule #14 Unisex Bib…HERE!

You can also see more images of the kit…HERE!  And a size chart…HERE!

True Religion.



Images from…HERE!

I even love girls on Track Bikes!


Go Bulls!

I love any and everyone on bikes!


Image from…HERE!

John liked my photo so much, he decided he’d take one too. 

Here’s one way to look at the SSWC.

I’m going to say this video is definitely worth watching.