And while we’re talking about Woody…



Other side…HERE!

Send your wishes to Woody via Twitter and Instagram(@talltimbers)!

If you’re wondering what this awesome tool is with Woody’s name on it.  Checkout Abbey Bike Works!  It’s called the Crombie tool and it’s great.  While many of you would probably just use it as a cassette tool, it can also be used for the Campagnolo Record Track bottom bracket and that’s what really matters here.  Fuck your Omniums! 😉

If you don’t wanna paint your own helmet…

then maybe you should bid on one of these hand-painted Bell helmets, Skatch painted them for True South to be auctioned off to help Mr. Thomas Wood of Golden Saddle Cyclery out with a few medical bills.  I’m not entirely sure when these will be up for auction but until then you can take a look…HERE!



If you’re wondering why they are painted in the way that they are or why there are so many motorcycle helmets.  Well…Woody rides for Ritte, the Ritte women’s team loves Woody, and Woody definitely rides a motorcycle more than his bicycles.