PiNP Merino Jersey by Cedar Cycling.

Earlier in the summer, I met up with them in SF to look at fabrics and discuss the jersey in detail. Then, a few weeks ago, I finally got my hands on one. I was really, really impressed. This is one of the nicest jerseys I’ve ever owned. We worked really hard getting everything right, especially the fit. It’s form-fitting, without being race cut. The sleeves sit just right and the front lies flat on your chest.

One of my biggest qualms with a lot of jerseys that I own is the pocket room. Especially during the winter. You end up stuffing arm warmers, a gillet and gloves into your pockets on the daily. Three generous open rear pockets hold all your ride essentials, plus two hidden zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe. The whole jersey is held in place by silicone gripper imported from Italy. The fit is true to size. I wear a large shirt and a large jersey.

It fits great and is incredibly comfortable. What I’m trying to say is, this is far from just a new “colorway”…


Cycling’s Golden Girl | Full Program.

Psyched to finally see this!

Inspiration Pt. 2

From HERE, HERE, and HERE!

I really wanna see these Royce Cranks on a bike!

Image from…HERE!

Anybody have a photo of these cranks on a bike?

Trevor Hughes: Messenger Photographes 90’s

I highly highly suggest checking out Trevor Hughes’ messenger set on Flickr…HERE!

These photos are so RAD!  Everyone click…HERE!  Loving the shorts Christine!  If you didn’t notice, I’m extremely excited about this photo set by Trevor Hughes.  Definitely check these photos out!

Human Powered Roller-Coaster, anyone?  How about these videos?