It’s just a VP kind of day!

While I can not provide you with the Esquire interview, I can provide you with the photos from the article.

More images…HERE!

I tried to buy the digital version to get the interview but it’ll only link me to the current issue.  Anyone know where to find a digital version or if anyone wants to send me a hard copy, that would be awesome!

Breakfast at Victoria’s…

consist of coffee and toast!  The San Francisco boys know that’s just about all I need, see you guys at Trouble!

More Queen Vic as Audrey Hepburn…HERE!

God Save The Track Queen!

If you missed the interview with Ms. Pendleton in the Sept, 2012 issue of Fabulous, you can check it out…HERE!

And if you’re not keen on reading…THERE”S A VIDEO!

I’m sure going to miss you, but you sure scare the shit out of me sometimes with these photo shoots.

That real tree camo in it’s natural habitat.

While Kevin’s custom real tree Cinelli may look quite out of place in the city, it sure fits in real nice here.

If you’d like to see more photos or even higher resolution ones, Kevin also sent the images to J. Prollz and of course he posted all of them(Hi-Rez).


Run with the Hunters!

Free People | Girls On Bikes

The January, 2013 Free People catalog titled Girls On Bikes, is just that.  Girls on Bikes!

Check out the catalog in it’s entirety…HERE!

Doesn’t THIS…remind you of THIS?