Golden Saddle Cyclery got more caps!

You can’t go wrong with Golden Saddle Cyclery and Intelligenstia Coffee.


If I won the lottery…

I’d buy all of this PEdAL ED stuff!

More from PEdAL ED…HERE!

Been a huge fan, ever since I stopped by the Pop-Up in 2010 while visiting Tokyo! 

Who wants some Rapha Frogskins?!

My good friend and arch-nemesis John ” Prolly” Watson has recently put a pair of Limited Edition Rapha Focus Oakley Frogskins up for auction on Ebay, with a starting bid of 99 cents.  Hopefully you did’nt think you’d be swooping these for cheap, because they are already over $300 and it hasn’t even been 24 hours.  The money from this auction will then be donated to Thomas Wood: 1/3 of Golden Saddle Cyclery, National Track Champion, Olympic Mechanic and all around grouch!  Woody was recently in a pretty bad bike accident and the bills just keep piling up.  If you’re feeling generous and wanna help, buy these glasses!


Klunkerz Mosaic in Fairfax, CA!

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And a little more @  Fairfax Chamber of Commerce!

I’ve seen tight ass jeans, messenger bags…

and all kinds of other wacky shit being worn at the track but this takes the cake.

Well…I guess the tights and leather tasseled sweaty could work but that dress, probably not.

More photos…HERE!