Vintage Cannondale Down Vests!

I’ve been collecting these vintage Cannondale Down Vest for a bit now and I’d say I have a few too many.  So I’m going to have to sell a few of these off in the near future.  What happened to the old Cannondale, that’s a company that I would love to support today.

More info on the  vintage Cannondale insulated products…HERE! 

The three standout pieces from…

the new Rapha | Team Sky collection are the Team Sky Pro Bib Shorts, Team Sky Grand Tour Gloves, and  Team Sky Softshell Jacket in my opinion.  I absolutely love the striped detailing on the Pro Bib short.  The overall vibe of the collection isn’t as Paul Smith as I’d hoped but still looks pretty damn good.


Some really great photography in the Lookbook.  Check it out…HERE!

A very festive photo…

from one of my new favorite BLOGS!

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  While I was away, I stumbled upon this awesome blog out of Seattle called Stonehog and would highly recommend it.  I’m back at the shop now, trying to get back into the bike shop groove, while avoiding the bike shop blues.


Tobias Weber!!!


le maillot a pois rouges!

Art inspired by cycling, cycling inspired by art.  Thank you Tobias!