Bicycle Paper Clips!

THESE would make great bookmarks!

American Artist!

I was browsing these old Cannondale catalogs after a friend had sent them over and found something quite awesome in the 1987 catalog.  It’s pretty crazy how similar these bikes are.  While the Cannondale is more airbrush, very different than hardline painting, you can still see the similarities.  If you don’t remember the Karl Benjamin inspired Hufnagel in the top photo, you can check it out in the Tracko Archives and most definitely give THESE old Cannondale catalogs a gander!

Miles By Bicycle!

Huge fan of Mr. Miles Davis and I’m also a huge fan of this print!

Get the print…HERE!


Ride above, we’re going to ride above!

When these going to be for sale?!

**edit: Swoop…HERE!

PUMP X Rittaaayyyy!

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