TONX portable coffee kit, great for the cross races!

Preparation, she has often said, is rightly two-thirds of any coffee. If you want to circumnavigate the globe, or just navigate your day, coffee is going to make it a whole lot easier. An Aeropress (filters included), Porlex Mini Grinder, and a fly Swrve Mussette carrying bag is your ticket.

TONX Coffee Roasters recently commissioned swrve to make musettes for their portable coffee kit called The Earhart. The kit consists of some TONX coffee beans, a mini hand grinder, and an Aeropress.  The Aeropress is Mr. John Prolly’s preferred way to make a cup while cycle touring.  I’ve been using this kit a ton at the cross races this season and planned on taking it on a small cycle camping trip till Prolly and Mr. Jeff Frane thought it’d be a good idea to get sick and bail!  Anyways, I’m super psyched on TONX coffee and I love that they used swrve to produce the musettes for their coffee kit.

More images…HERE!

Do yourself a favor or someone you love a favor and set them up with an Earhart and a TONX coffee subscription…HERE!