Austin Horse’s BMW Gangsta Tracklocross!

I really like bikes that confuse me and this one confuses the hell out of me.  Is it a Track Bike?  Is it a Cyclocross Bike?  These are both questions I can not answer but there are a few questions that I can.  This is a Taiwan made BMW Gangsta Track that has been modified here in the US.  Cantilever mounts were added to both the frame and the fork, external cable routing was added to the toptube, and rack and fender braze-ons where added to the dropouts.  Austin was telling me that a good percentage of the Gangsta Tracks that are coming from overseas, come unfinished and are highly customizable.

These photographs are of Austin’s bike setup for the Westside Invite(Street Racing) but  I hope to get some more photos of it in full cyclocross mode when he returns from Japan.  But while you’re waiting, check the rest of these ones out.

More images…HERE!

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