Holy Awesome Track Bike, Batman!

Does anyone know anything about this bike?  I didn’t want to categories it Made In USA or Vintage, until I knew a bit more.  The threadless stem is really throwing me for a loop.  Who knows…may not be made in a America and it may be brand new but I doubt it.

Image from…HERE!

*edit: I’m going to go ahead and categories it as Made In USA and Vintage.  This image is also on “The World’s Best Photos of Eisentraut”. 

Good Design in the Bike Shop: Albert Eisentraut

Well…maybe not so much Good Design in the Bike Shop but more like super hip.  Bikes and fishing are so hot right now!  Eisentraut was also making belt buckles well before people were scouring thrift stores and Boot Barns looking for the perfect addition to their belts. A friend sent me one of those belt buckles back in 2008 and it still wins the prize for most awesome piece of raddness involving bikes that anyone has ever sent me. A close second to my Freeman Transport engraved down-tube shifter (I’d take it over those Oakleys any day!)

More images…HERE!

If what you read above has you thinking and you’d like to know a little bit more about a man that makes absolutely perfect bicycles, I highly suggest clicking…HERE!

And if you still need convincing that Albert Eisentraut is hip, just take one look at the people who ride his bikes and you’ll instantly know what I am talking about.