They get around and you can help!

And while we’re talking Red Hook…let’s talk about Restore Red Hook and GAGE+DESOTO’s plan to help!

WHAT HAPPENED? Our neigborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn has been left flooded and in shambles following Hurricane Sandy. Countless homes, shops, artist studios, restaurants, bars, and workshops have been devastated. Despite this recent hardship, the heart of this vibrant community cannot be washed away. While our own storefront office flooded, the losses are minimal compared to the dire situation in the neighborhood.

WHAT’S NEXT? Castelli Cycling has generously stepped up to produce a pair of special benefit jerseys with us to help raise funds for Red Hook’s recovery. Designed by Jonah Birns, the jerseys will be pre-sold exclusively here on our site until December 1st. After production is complete, we will be shipping these in mid-January.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: All profits from these jerseys will be split between the Red Hook Initiative (RHI) and Restore Red Hook (RRH). The RHI–an established community center–is operating as the critical organizer of relief efforts. Since then, Restore Red Hook has also been set up to help the many devastated small businesses of Red Hook reopen their doors as soon as possible.


Lord of the 44RN Rings.



I want a black one so bad!

Go ride your bike!

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Patrick, I do hope you were riding a Track Bike on this ride.  If not…I need to re-file.

Rockin’ Bicycle!

Thank you, 18 Miles Per Hour!

“Tear through the blackened forests on your hell steed.”

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