Tokyo Fixed Gear and Death Spray Custom killing it!


Seen it at the 5th Floor!

More images of the ONO…HERE!

And checkout the specs on the ONO…HERE!

It’s always a pleasure…

to watch Mr. Patick Seabase ride a bike, no matter it a Track Bike or Cyclocross Bike.


What happens when a car door runs into a Yamaguchi?  It becomes a Yamacus!  Ian(student of Yamaguchi) from Icarus Frames recently repaired Donal Rey’s Yamaguchi after a little accident and this is the finished product, beautiful.  Great photo Donal but I would have removed the axle spacer before photographing.

Really great Horse Cycles tee.

Anyone want to swoop one of these for me from Horse Cycles?

John has some pretty rad photos from the Philly Bike Expo, which I found this one.  More fun…less work is how it should be.  Check’em…HERE!

Pretty excited about sharing this with you…

One of my best friends and longtime collaborator, Adria Klora recently redesigned the Geekhouse/Cuppow Cyclocross kits and cycling caps!  RAZZLE DAZZLE!

The kits still aren’t available to public, but you can now get the cycling caps at CUPPOW!  Great photo of the kit in action Ted!