R.E.Load for Geekhouse “Razzle Dazzle” Squad!

We’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with Geekhouse Bikes! They have a philosophy about their craft that closely mirrors our own:  their frames are US-made, in house, and their small staff works to really connect the rider with the end product throughout the whole process. Not only that, but they have some of the most amazingly colorful frames and kits anywhere!


I would have brought Adria Klora, the designer of the kit and new decals on board for this though.  Could have been tits!  It’s pretty damn good but not tits.

This Saturday…


The chain’s a bit overkill…

but that fork looks killer on this Low!


@stealingaway’s #matchymatchy SS Rock Lobster!

More images…HERE!

Those Paul Neo-Retros are great for harvesting crops!

If you follow Mr. @stealingaway on Instagram, you’ll also see his #matchymatchy Ska Lobsters!

How many American Flag Track Tandems does it take…

to make a few national champions?

So good!

Images from…HERE!