7 Mile Horizon.

Something I missed…that I thought was pretty damn rad!

You could call this a story of opposites.  A story where the chapter headings would be something like Land vs Sea, Tide vs Time, Coast vs Carbon.  The premise was simple, to ride a track bike to the birthplace of British speed, Pendine Sands. A seven mile beach located in a corner of South West Wales, Great Britain.   It was here in the twenties where Sir Malcolm Campbell and his aero-engined Sunbeam Bluebird set the world land speed record and started a legend.  With our Bluebird, powered by egg bacon sausage and geared at 51/15, Campbell’s 1924 speed of 146.16mph was safe, Sand vs Gears.

The team was Welsh artist Death Spray Custom, English photographer Joe McGorty and UK cycle collective The 5th Floor.

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Climb For A Cause.

Is a solo ride on my track bike from the bottom of Big Bear Mountain in Southern California to the top. 40 miles, and 5,000 feet of climbing all done on one gear. I am asking my local community to pledge whatever amount they’d like financially to the cause and 100% of the proceeds will be going to Teen Challenge. A national non profit organization aimed at the rehabilitation of at risk youth fighting addictions, homelessness, etc.

More information can be found on the Facebook event I have created for it. The ride is about two months away and would love nothing more than to have your support to help me make it to the top.

These photos are from the trial run Ivan did(20 miles), not the full 40 miles, with half the elevation gain.  How your legs feel after that one?  Forty miles with 5,000 feet of climbing is no joke, especially on a Track Bike.  Golden Saddle Cyclery and Endo Customs will be donating a pair of GSC bibs and arm-warmers to Ivan for the final ride.  Hopefully this keeps you comfortable and warm., it gets cold up there this time of year.

I’ve always been a huge fan of climbing mountains on Track Bikes and will always support people doing rides to raise awareness and help the greater good.  Godspeed Ivan.

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