200 miles by bicycle!

Made you look!  Now…I know this doesn’t always make sense but if you got the time, why not?

Talk about painting a bike.

Love this thing!

Victoire Supersprint Hubs!

It’s not too often that I get stoked on new track hubs because there is already so many great hubs out there.  But after reading about these Victoire Supersprints, I’m a little excited.  My only question is, do they use the White Industries Cogs or something designed just for these hubs?

After one complete year of development and testing, the Victoire Supersprint hubs created with the famous framemaker Chris Bishop from Bishop bikes are available now. We spent the last few days shipping the hubs that were pre-ordered and we have a few left for this first batch. They are available in 32 and 36 holes versions in black, silver and dark grey finishes. Other drilling options and colors are available on request.

More info…HERE!

Merckx “Toy” Monday for Mr. John Prolly!

Images from…HERE!

Monday isn’t so bad…

when you start the day with photos like this!

Image from…HERE!

Some really good one’s in there, so I’d suggest clicking through the whole set.  I can’t wait to see the 35mm photos of all this.