The only way I’d get on a trainer…

is if I had this super relaxed, laid back Cinelli Trainer.

Some day you’ll see me at the races with one of these.  Hope everyone in Southern California is making it out to Spooky Cross this weekend!  And before I forget again, thanks for sharing Milano Fixed!

Who likes Stanley Kubrick?

Dream Bike.

Image from…HERE!

Henry Cartier-Bresson in Rouleur #34.

Hopefully Henri Cartier-Bresson doesn’t need any introduction from me.  But if you’re scratching your head with confusion, take a look at Matt Lingo’s small write up on Recfail.

And if you’re still interested…I would suggest picking up Issue 34 of Rouleur.

Magnum Photos legend Henri Cartier-Bresson follows Robert Capa’s extraordinary collection of the 1939 Tour in issue 31 with an equally beguiling set of historical images from the Velodrome d’hiver in Paris. Jack Thurston sets the man’s work in context at a venue with a notorious past. The cover image is undoubtedly one of our finest.

Three things I’ve been digging as of late.

Now don’t go freaking out on me.  Just wanted to share three cycling products that I really dig.  ;)

Hufnagel for W/A Skewers!

Fizik Aliente VS!

WWII Replica Ramblin’ Roll(available shortly)!

p.s. Thanks for the photo John!