Nelson Vail’s Documentary!

Super psyched!  If anyone knows anything about this, like who’s making it, release date, etc.  Please let us know.

For those of you that have been visiting this site for sometime, you’ve probably seen this autograph from my main man Nelson Vails before.  So I apologize if you’re tired of seeing it but I post it whenever I can because it’s the only autograph besides John Prolly’s that I really care about!

Red Hook Milan.


When the #fixiefamous quit getting famous and start getting real!

We can’t always be riding bikes!

A few weeks ago my friend Steve B from Macaframa, took Rainier(Maca Main Man), Dylan Bigby from Full Frame Collective, and myself to #goodvibescanyon for three and a half miles of cliff jumping, rock scrambling and repelling.  You can see more photos and a small writeup that Dylan did a at FFC…HERE!  Hopefully Steve will get his photos up sometime soon, because he had some real nice ones.  This shit was so rad!

Some BMX photographs I’ve been digging.

This Fit Bikes photo from 2003 is exactly I why I still love BMX so much!

This photo of FBM’s Pizza Apocolympics ramp is just killer but I’m not sure where I found it.

And last but not least…this one isn’t actually a photo, it’s actually a photo-set.

John took some really great photos with his Hasselblad at the Texas Toast event!