Help Support King Kog Cross!

The shop and team are gearing up for this years cyclocross season, to promote and raise funds for the teams expenses we are offering a pre order for these T-shirts.

Hoodies and a full color version will be available soon as well along with some other designs so stay tuned!

The cost of the T’s are 20$ and come in S, M, L and a limited run of XL


I like Eat’N!

This is still one of my all-time favorite multi-tools. Yeah…it's a little heavy. And yeah…it's a little sketchy eating off something you just used to tighten down your Honjo Fender with. But hey…it's still a-ok!

image from…HERE!

We had a bunch of these when Golden Saddle Cyclery first opened. They sold out pretty quickly and our supply dried up but hopefully we'll be able to find more soon. But until then, checkout the Eat'N Tool…HERE!