Velo by Paul Fournel!

Vélo, by Paul Fournel. Reading the cover notes we learn that “Vélo is a unique look at the bike. Through a series of short essays, Paul Fournel beautifully evokes the experience and spirit of of all aspects of cycling”

text from…HERE!

Illustrations by Jo Burt!

Premium Rush: The Games!

I preferred the Austin Horse version over the Tom La Marche one but that's just me! Fools be trickin!


We spend a lot of time at the shop and we're always looking for ways to keep it interesting…this is not one of them!

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The Burning House!

Foster invited me to be a part of The Burning House book awhile back. I have not gotten my hands on a copy of the book yet but after about 30 seconds of searching I found a view entries from cyclist. Definitely looking forward to seeing what else is in there. Mine was more like a Burning Bike Shop entry!