I’m sad to see you two go…

I highly suggest all readers interested in bicycle touring to give The Great Escape a look and these words a read!

/ Dear Friends.

This is it, the end of our 2012 North American Adventure. This weekend, five months ago, we packed and stowed away our belongings and said farewell. Butterflies and melancholia, not knowing what to expect. None of us had ever done this before, living and breathing along never ending roads, it was and has always been an all in adventure.

Sitting in San Francisco 4000 miles later, waiting for the flight ”home” bears the same emotions we had five months ago. We´ve had the most amazing adventure through deserts, mountains, forests and fields of this country, in fact, a fucking awesome life changing experience we don´t want to change anything about.

The Great Escape 2012 North American Adventure is over but will seamlessly transform into a new adventure in a close future when we continue The Great Escape in The Alps of Switzerland where we set up a new permanent base camp from which we will explore the mountains hiking and biking the coming year. We leave this blog here as a source of inspiration for all dreamers out there and we let You know where to find the new The Great Escape Adventure.

The Great Escape Patches will always be available here

All the incredible people we´ve met, the friends we´ve made, the readers and supporters of this blog; a good advice for You all: Stop dreaming and do it before it´s to late, You´ll only regret not doing it.

The mountains are calling and we must go.

/ Love and respect.

E and S Nohlin