NORU visits Archive Bags SF!

One half of NORU Prod. was in San Francisco and popped into see Victor at Archive Bags SF. Jesse is having Victor construct a tote for him to deliver his latest venture PUMP! in and Jesse figured while he was there he might as well shoot some photos for Tracko!

More images…HERE!

I've been working with Victor on collaboration bags for little over a year now but hadn't seen his work space yet, so I was more than excited. Now you know where these beautiful bags are being made!


Good Design in the Bike Shop turns bad, real bad!

image from…HERE!

I recentl

y ordered a KMC Pink Lady after reading about the award winning work the Gidea Group did for the packaging. Not only was I ordering something to help support a good cause, I'd also have something aesthetically pleasing for one of our display cases. I was a little worried about having a high-end pink chain in the shop that might not sell but I thought about how awesome the packaging was and didn't care. I'd sit on this chain as long as it takes to help a good cause and show support for a bicycle company creating Good Design in the Bike Shop!

image from…HERE!

But…guess what? When I received the chain, this is what the packaging looked like! Now I'm stuck with one of the most expensive chains on the market in pink and accompanied by some of the worst packaging in the world! Hey…at least I'm supporting a good cause.