Mavic and the Olympics!

Elite track riders prepare for the London Olympics from

Mavic on Vimeo.

You may think the the only thing companies need to think about is making the best and most advanced products for their athletes when it comes to professional sports. Well…most the time yes but with the Olympics, no. They also have to think about the re-branding of their products. There are all kinds of restrictions on branding of equipment when the Olympics come into play. And this is why Mavic had to re-think brand placement and size on these track wheels for the US National Team and all other sponsored teams. Wonder if it would have been OK for the wheels to have giant Coca-Cola logos on them? Would Mavic have to sponsor the Olympics as whole to have larger branding on their wheels?

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Woody's off to the 2012 London Olympics to wrench for the US National Track Team! So I wanted to wish him and our athletes good luck. Keep us posted on Twitter and I'll try not to do too much partying here at GSC.



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I sure don&

#039;t know much about this bike and everything that I do know was gathered from just seeing it. I'm not actually sure what the thing is even called. My best translation of those decals is Latido but it may also be something else. It's an early carbon bike made in Japan by the Asaka Corporation. The Track-Ends on this bike looked like they may have been added afterwards but once again…I'm just not sure. But one thing I am sure of is the design behind the branding of this bike. AMAZING!

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p.s. If anyone sees this bike around Los Angeles, please lock it up and contact me. It was stolen from a customer a few months ago and if anyone knows anything about this bicycle or brand please let us know.