They need an indoor Velodrome in Basel!

Just recently I found out about this initiative to build a multi-purpose gym with an included velodrome in greater Basel, Switzerl

and. Since 2003 swiss bike-lovers including bikeshop-owner Fredy Zaugg have been campaigning for a velodrome, but it looks like they need an extra bit of support now. At the end of August the heads of the campaign will decide if they will continue their efforts or if they quit. Unbelievable how they have been trying to get their point across to officials for almost ten years now – we all know „little strokes fell big oaks“, but it must be extremely tiring to keep promoting this plan over so many years.

They are asking for our support by „liking“ them on Facebook for example (it is all German, but please hit „like“ nonetheless) – and it doesn‘t matter if you are from Switzerland or not, as this velodrome is supposed to become an international place anyway. Basel is right at the border with France and Germany just across, so the velodrome will also be open to clubs and individuals from these countries for example. There is no comparable facility in all of south-western Germany, so I am sure it would be a huge success!

If I am not mistaken the original location for the velodrome is not an option anymore, but there is already another possible place for it in discussion. The world-famous track-builders of the Schürmann-dynasty (Münster, Germany) did the planning of the actual track and the building and a part of the group of initiators as well.