Just wanted to say thank you…

to everyone that came out on Wednesday for the 2012 Golden Saddle Grand Prix at Encino Velodrome!

Race registration sold out, we ate 42 cheeseburgers, 18 double cheeseburgers, 90 hotdogs, 8 bacon wrapped hotdogs, a bunch of vegan sausages, and drank over 160 beverages! All in the name of raising money for the velodrome and that we did(a little over $1,000).

Don't forget about the rest of the Summer Race Series at Encino!

Folly interviews Jesse Carmody!

F: When did you first get into photography?

JC: I got into photography, officially, in my sophomore year of college. I’d always been drawn to cameras and making images, as a kid, but I wasn’t th

e kid who “grew up in a dark room” by any means; I always loved the mechanics of cameras and loved framing my surroundings in a viewfinder and hearing the shutter click. I took one high school photography course to avoid having to draw in a more conventional art class, because I dreaded even hav

ing to look at my awful drawings let alone have them graded! So fast-forward to my second year college; I’m in San Diego, in line to go the business BA route and I have this revelation that “you are what you do” and I knew I didn’t want to be a suit. I loved aspects of marketing, the psychology that went into selling, but that wasn’t completely for me. I also really enjoyed graphic design and digital art courses I was taking so I decided to pursue commercial-art; I went around interviewing working professionals to unload my life and lack of direction on them and they all shoved me toward photo-school. It seemed plain for them to see that that’s what I should be doing so I just did it.

F: Who inspired you then and who inspires you now?

JC: At that time, those very people who saw in me what I couldn’t and steered me toward something that felt so right were the people that really inspired and motivated me. Nowadays, I’m inspired by anybody who’s truly head-over-heels in love with a craft or task; I love passionate people and I love when they share there passion with me. My favorite subjects are people who lock themselves up in creative workspaces and get lost for hours on end; it’s fucking magical…

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This is awesome…so stoked to see this!