I’ll be out of the office…

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I'm heading to the Grand Canyon for about a week to do some backpacking and relaxing(I really hope there isn't any WiFi in the bottom of the Grand Canyon at Phantom Ranch)! I'll be closing the Tracko online store while I'm gone and will be opening it back up with some Thomson wallets and Ramblin' Rolls when I return. The Underage Drinking Photo will also be available again once I'm back in Los Angeles. We're also hoping to have more of the GSC/Intelli caps soon and we're working on a version 2 of the cap. Water bottles, small and large are also in the works. This summer is going to be rad and I'll see you guys when I return.

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Only if it said, “Please, Beer in the streets, Bicycle Cleats are welcome, Relax & Enjoy!”

The Northern Post: Surly LHT Build

The fine folks at The Golden Saddle Cyclery here in Los

Angeles corroborated the research I had done on whether or not to go with a nine, ten or even eleven speed machine. Turns out there’s been some issues with the tension on the bar-end shifters with the higher speed systems so naturally I trusted my builder Woody’s opinion and ordered the 9-speed Shimano cassette to be matched up with the White Industries M15 complete with a titanium freewheel. Mom always said, “Buy the best, cry once” and the peace of mind was well worth the price. I had the front laced up with a Shimano Dyno hub to power a light for long hauls with no stops in between for batteries.

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More from Japan…

Izumi is now making an Eco chain with Black and Silver alternating links.

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So psyched!

Available at you local bike shop, through EAI!

Some new offerings from MKS!

It's a little funny that MKS has now reinterpreted two pedals that Mr. Corkgrips has shown love to in the past year.

First up is the MKS Step-in A pedal, which very much resembles the Shimano A530 pedal but uses what looks like a Time ATAC cleat. This pedal is a platform on one side and then has a clipless mech on the other side. Only problem I see with these is the fact that the clipless mech is raised quite a bit and you may have to adjust saddle height if you care about things like that(most are) when switching from clipless to platform. Other than that I'm a huge fan since I ride Time ATACs on most of my bikes and can just use my MTB shoes if I wanna super commute but I'll probably be wearing Vans most the time. Second is MKS's take on the old French pedal design that White Industries reinvented a few years back.

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Available at your local bike shop, through EAI!