2012 Wolfpack Midnight Drag Races!

It was like walking into a circus!

There were things I didn't like and things I loved. Once I got over the fact that people had to pay to race(even though there were financial sponsors), I started to have fun. It must cost a pretty penny to shut down the 2nd St Tunnel for 7 hours. There were freak bikes, freaks, freak bike racing and all kinds of kooks to keep you entertained for the first three hours. But after qualifications were over and the real racing started, things got good. SoCal Cross was there doing all the timing(hopefully they got all their ankle bracelets back), Keiron from Ride The Black Line and Encino was there sending them off and Mr. Wolfpack himself was there to bring them in. All the big guns came out, some made the cut and others didn't but at the end of the night Tim Mcgee and Beatriz “She Wolf” Rodriguez came out on top. It was really awesome to see B come out and crush after taking the tags in 2007 as well! All in all it was a great night of bike racing but it was an even better night for seeing old friends and making new ones. It was great to see the Arizona boys get creamed and it's always good when the Dog Tags stay in LA.

More images…HERE!

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