Heading to Grinduro!


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And yes…Tom La Marche is my hand model and personal stuntman!

Sugar Wheel Works: Pretty Damned Awesome!!!

Recently one of my favorite photographers Chantal Anderson stopped in at Sugar Wheel Works and snapped a few photos of the space. Anna Maria also did a an interview with Jude Gerace the founder of Sugar Wheel Works, check it all out at Pretty Damned Fast!


When did you start Sugar Wheel Works and who do you build wheels for?

We started Sugar (then Epic) in 2009. April 1, 2009 to be exact. We build wheels for Vanilla Bicycles, Breadwinner and Sweetpea but that’s only a small fraction of our business–we really enjoy working with every day riders, racers, and adventurers!

Are handbuilt wheels just for racing or touring?

Na. HB wheels are for all bikes and I can’t think of an application that wouldn’t benefit from a HB wheel. The reason being is that HB wheels let you pick more durable components which have a longer life and can be re used. Another benefit is that they are built with precision so that the life had on the wheels is noticeably more enjoyable.

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Brendan Lauer: The man behind the two amazing videos below…


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This image was shot during the filming of the All-City Cyclocross video last year at Saddle Drive!

Town and Country with All-City!

Fuck Yeah Charles Bradley!

Ben Weaver: Surrounding Water

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