Grab the Peace Pipes, here comes Thanksgiving!


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As always, thank you guys for the continued support over the years and thank you for visiting the site even when I’m in a slump. While the standard T.Rex has come and gone, Tracko has a few million years before extinction.


The Adventure Trend by Jeff Frane!

Some thoughts I wrote on the latest and greatest industry trend.

Let me tell you what I’m stoked on… This whole adventure / exploration thing that has absolutely exploded in the last few years. Now I’m sure you didn’t just spit out your coffee in amazement (Oh really? No way!) that ‘Ol Jeffy is excited about the trend that everyone else in the industry is also excited about right now and using to hawk their product. And I realize that bike industry trends are often viewed with suspicion, as in “They’re just trying to sell me something new.” Or perhaps you rolled your eyes because, All-City is about to jump on the bandwagon too…

Anyway, hear me out about why I think this is one of the most exciting and sustainable trends/movements to come down the pike in like forever… (and yes, I’m going for a world record of “…” in one blog post)

Basically I see this the whole adventure / exploration thing as incredibly healthy and incredibly important for a number of reasons:

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The Factory Five Titan Stem!


This is actually a product that has needed to be made for years, why no one has done it, I have no clue. But lookie here, F5 has done did it and killed it! Now just make other sizes and no one will have to think about the open-face, over-sized quil stem ever again. I think maybe Black would be a good idea as well!


Now I’m wishing I would have gone!

Jasper Clarke Keirin Photos!




Jasper Clarke, a photographer and self-confessed “bike nut”, cut his teeth BMX’ing in the 1980s and has since chased everything on two wheels. Having read about Japan’s Keirin racing in various cycling magazines, and seen ex-racing bikes imported to the UK, Jasper came across a video of cyclist Shane Perkins taking part in a Keirin season, and with plans to visit Japan himself, took the film as the hook for the project he went on to shoot.

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