One of the best cycling stamps…

I have ever seen!


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Vintage Vigorelli Video!

You remember the book Lost Cyclist?

In the summer of 1890, two young Americans William Sachtleben and Thomas Allen Jr. set off to circle the globe on new-fangled “safety” bicycles, prototypes of the modern bike. Over the next three years, they pedaled 18,000 miles across three continents and helped spark the great bicycle boom that transformed cycling into the wildly popular form of recreation and means of transportation we know today.

Using a new, compact Kodak camera, the young men captured 1,200 spontaneous snapshots on cellulose nitrate-based film negatives while crossing Europe and Asia. A third of these images survived and are held by UCLA Library Special Collections.


Maybe you don’t, but no matter if you’ve read the book or not, this would be a show not to miss! The UCLA Fowler museum wants to show forty-three circular black-and-white photographs taken by the two cycle-tourist in 1891, but they need our help funding it. I know…I know…it’s not some new light, cycling jeans, or something else that you don’t need. It’s art, it’s history, it’s the only way to see these freakin’ photographs.

If you’re interested at all, I’d suggest clicking…HERE!

Hey Justin!

P.S. Make sure and read the book before the show!

Nice photo from the Revolution Series…

by Paolo Martelli!


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Love it when photographers utilize the reflection off these giant sun-glass attachments on these new helmets!

Ride in Peace Steve HED.



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From HED 3s to HED Belgiums…we’ve been fans since the beginning. You’ll be missed.