I’d watch it…

got me excited for the full-length!

Steezus Christ benefit prints!


Jake Ricker was hit by a car while on his bike, October 24th, and subsequently broke his femur. Put out of work, and with no health insurance, all profits from this print will go towards Jake’s expenses such as rent and medical bills.

Help “Little” Ripper out…HERE!

R.I.P KHS Aero Track

“There are promises to not cry when his lover dies.”



You can see more photos of Jake Ricker’s KHS Aero Track pre-accident at No Life Like This Life!

Chas is always searching for stoke…

and this time it’s via MORETRACKBIKE!



Alonso just put up a super rad feature on Chas…HERE!

Looks like he also just put up a ton of new gear too!

This cat was crushing at the Gent 6 Day!


Image from…HERE!

I’m almost positive that Team Dream Bicycling Team had something to do with this!